WB2MIC 6L6 Transmitter project -- schematic
Original article September 1968 Electronics Illustrated  James White W5LET#
Double click on schematic below for large version.  
Schematic digitallly composed by Dylan Hand-Boniakowski N1UKP

Graphic by N1UKP Dylan Hand-Boniakowski

Parts list
R1, R11  100K, 1/2W, 10% SPST toggle switch
R2  27K, 2W, 10% XTAL 40/80 meter FT243
R3 thru R8 470K, 1/2W 10%  socket for crystal
R9  50k, 10W wirewound NE2 neon lamp
R10 5K 1W (or greater) SO1  SO239 female 
L1  1mh RF choke 6L6  vacuum tube
L2  17t no. 20 (40); 25t no. 20 (80)* 0C3 voltage regulator vacuum tube (2)#
L3   3t no. 22 (40)l 4t no. 22 (80) octal tube socket for 6L6, 0C3 (3)
T1  650v center tap 40ma, 6.3v 2A 1-1/2 inch coil form (L2, L3)
C1, C4, C5 .005uf  ceramic disc 1KV SPST toggle on-off switch
C2  100uuf ceramic disc 1KV 1/4-inch phone jack (key)
C3  15uuf  ceramic disc 1KV AC plug and line cord
C6  5.3-100 miniature variable grommet for NE2, power line (2)
C7 47uf 450vdc electrolytic aluminum box (or equiv)
C8  75uuf ceramic disc 1KV* nice tuning knob
SR1 thru SR6  600piv, 750 ma
* install C8 across L2 inside coil form for 80 meter operation
# original article did not have voltage regular tubes.  Use up to three 0C3 depending upon transformer voltage, also can use 0A2, 0B2, 0D3, etc.