WB2MIC Main Station Equipment "Console"


The station operating position/table is to the left of the gear below.  There are seven Morse Code bugs and paddles on the operating table next to the computer.   The present antenna setup consists of: Cushcraft A3 triband beam up at 40 feet.  A Cushcraft 15-elment two-meter yagi sits above that.  133 ft inverted-L for 40 meters at 25 feet.  Fyll-wave 40 meter horizontal delta loop at 40 feet.  Homebrew 40-meter 1/4 wave ground mounted vertical with 32 radials.  G5RV, also used as Marconi/Tee on 160 meters. There is also a Rick Mish rebuilt and pristine Collins R390A in the shack, homebrew monster transmatch, and 6L6 XTAL transmitter.  Switching: 5 rigs; 5 antennas.  Palstar AT1500CV KW tuner.  Echolink to WB2MIC 224.96 repeater.  Icom IC756 PRO III; SP23 speaker w/audio filters, binaural CW.  A very nice radio.  Great for CW.  Venerable 3-decades old Icom IC701 and power supply.  MFJ941D tuner.  2m Motorola CM3000 and 222 MHz/2m  MFJ921 tuner.  Yaesu KW amp, the FT2100B with 2 Cetron 572B tubes.  Antenna rotor for A3 tribander 40 ft; 15 el 2m.

Collins R390A in mint condition with new face plate freshly silk-screened.
73, Jozef Hand-Boniakowski WB2MIC