WB2MIC Hozepaddle (Single lever paddle) 
It rained on Sunday, September 24, 2006, so I decided to build a single lever electronic keyer Morse paddle.  The goal was to use parts on hand with the cost not to exceed $0.00.  Four small right angle brackets, two 1/4-inch nuts, half-inch of 1/4 threaded rod, one 4-40 brass screw and nut, four wood screws, three fender washers, three lugs, and one-block of hardwood later, 4-inch piece of double sided PC board, and the paddle was done.  It took about and hour to complete and to then modify the paddle.  

Here's how it came out.  The first two images below show the key with a too floppy and thin lever and no ability to adjust dit and dah spacing.  I replaced the sheet metal with a piece of double-sided PC board material and then angled the dit and dah brackets allowing for spacing adjustment.  I also reduced the washers from six to four as the PC board was thicker than the sheet metal.  Works great.  Not a Begali, but you couldn't tell it wasn't when you listen to it on the air.  Questions or comments to wb2mic@arrl.net.

73, Jozef Hand-Boniakowski WB2MIC