WB2MIC Version NORCAL NB6M Paddles 
There is a thrill when a tiny Morse electronic keyer paddle that cost $0.86 (including the two pennies used for the handles) makes QSOs by keying up thousands of dollars of ham gear: IC756 PRO III, Yaesu FL2100B amp at 700 watts, Cushcraft A4 tribander at 40 feet.  I built this version of the NORCAL NB6M paddle not so neatly, but as a prototype, and was quite impressed with the way it works.  Lots of fun,  Took about two hours. The original plans for the NORCAL NB6M paddle is on the NORCAL website at http://www.norcalqrp.org/nb6mpaddles.htm Click on image for bigger version of the image.   Comments?  Questions?  Email Jozef wb2mic@arrl.net 
73, Jozef Hand-Boniakowski WB2MIC