WB2MIC QRP 5 Minute Quick Setup Portable Station
Including 33-ft Vertical With Four 36-ft Radials.
I have built a very fast setup QRP filed station using a portable vertical antenna.  I use a 31ft black Jackite telescoping fiberglass pole, green metal fence state, 3ft 1-1/4in PVC pipe, ground rod, four 36-ft radials, and homebrew junction box for it all.  The antenna uses individual 1/4λ radiating elements for each of the 40, 30, 20 and 15 meter bands, but it works just great with the 33ft 40 meter radiator and tuner.  
Station Components
Elecracft K1 Xcvr in blue bag
Blue bag by JeanneE, KA1PMS
33ft radiating element - black reel
Four 36-ft radials - 2 spools & 2 PVC
WB2MIC homebrew junction box
Homebrew Hoze Key (paddle)
7AH AGM sealed battery

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Junction (Tin) Box Parts: 
5 Female black banana jacks
1 Female red banana jack
1 female BNC connector

Female BNC = rig coax
Red female
banana = radiator
Black female banana top = ground
Black female banana sides = radials

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BNC center female is connected to the center of the red female banana jacks and isolated from ground.

5 black female banana jacks grounded through their lugs to the truffles tin

There are two copper braids connecting the top lid to the bottom of the truffles tin to insure both are at common ground.

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The basic schematic (unlabeled) is on the left.  For larger printable schemtics with text labeling click below.
Schematic by Dylan, N1UKP.

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Antenna Hardware
From left to right:
30-in. copper ground rod
36-in. metal fence stake
33-in/ 1-1/4in PVC pipe
4-ft collapsed Jackite fiber-
glass 31-ft telescoping mast

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Setup Procedures
The metal fence stake goes in the ground first.

The PVC pipe goes over the fence stake to protect the Jackite mast.

The Jackite pole slips over PVC pipe.

The 33ft radiating wire (red banana plug) wire is then wound around the mast and hoisted up.

Fours radials are plugged in along with the ground rod (black banana plugs).

The coax is hooked up to BNC.

Station Carry Bag:
Everything fits in this convenient carry bag except the brief case solar panels, jackite mast, PVC protective tubing, and ground rod.

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Brief Case Solar Panels Close:
Topray Solar 12 watt panels.  Open voltage measured while running in living room is 21 volts.  I use this with a charge controller to safely maintain a 7AH AGM battery.  It weighs about 2-3 pounds.

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Brief Case Solar Panels Open:
Inside pix of the opened solar panels.  Everything DC in the QRP station & the home QTH is Power Pole compatible.  And yes, that is my reflection in the solar panel glass.  And indeed, that is a kyak up on the rafters.  One of two.  

Pics of station in operation below

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Brief Case Solar Panels In Operation
I take the QRP station into the field and often set up on the tailgate of the pickup truck.   This operation and the pix below are operating from the Lake Saint Catherine State Park Marina in my home town of Wells VT.

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Entire QRP Station Almost
Left to right:
The solar system battery charge controller.
7 amp-hr AGM sealed battery
Elecraft K1 transceiver
Missing: Morse paddle

Andersen Power Pole compatible

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Entire QRP Station With Morse Key
I learned my lesson the hard way.
On this field operation I remembered a chair.

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Perfectly Matched Power System
This is the voltage across the 7 AH AGM battery during operation.
Max volts (RX) = 14.9 VDC
Min volts (TX) = 14.8 VDC
TX power output = 5.2 Watts
SWR = 1.1 to 1.0 on 40, 30, 20 and 15 meters using the K1 internal tuner and the 33ft vertical with four 36-ft radials

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Antenna Base Connections
This is a bit hard to see in the very small image at left so click on large and very large below.  

Copper pipe = 3ft ground rod
Black pipe = 31 ft Jackite mast
Box in middle = junction (see above)
Coax choke balun
6 White wires: ground, radiator and 4 radials.

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See you on the bands on the QRP and FISTS frequencies, and chasing DX.
73, Jozef WB2MIC
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