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Amateur Radio Station
Wells VT FN33jk  

On-the-air since 12/ 23/1963
Also: KG4EY (GTMO 1971-73), WW2GM (1974 Guglielmo Marconi 100th Birthday), (WC2MC 1978 Monmouth College NJ 125th anniv.)

Wells VT

Projects, etc.
WB2MIC log book .ZIP format (Excel)
Inexpensive Audio Diversity Spatial Reception: CW In Virtual Head Space
WB2MIC Touch Keyer paddle in cut down cigar box using dollar coins 
WB2MIC Version NORCAL NB2M tiny Morse keyer paddle
WB2MIC Hozepaddle ($0.00 Morse paddle build in 1 hr)
Favorite CW (Morse Code) Keys at WB2MIC
WB2MIC Version WARC Band + 6 meters Multiband dipole single feed
Ham shack main HF station at WB2MIC
Ham shack vintage HT40/HA5/R390A HF station at WB2MIC
Homebrew monster transmatch - even the variable caps, coils, insulators
Homebrew single 6L6GC 80/40 meter xtal transmitter
Homebrew Michigan Mighty Mite 500mw Transmitter
Schematic and parts list for above 6L6 transmitter
Old HyGain 14AVQ vertical installation
40 meter monoband vertical made from the above HyGain 14AVQ vertical
The trusty G5RV and the balun problem.  Replace balun with "java" RF choke.
WB2MIC case for NXAS Picokeyer Electronic Keyer Kit
WB2MIC QRP 5-Minute Quick Setup Portable Station Including 33-ft Vertical (Jackite mast)
WB2MIC 6 METER Fast-Build 3 Element Cubical Quad Antenna
WB2MIC Hang It Well Antenna Launcher
WB2MIC 206 ft random wire with twelve 200ft radials and homebrew UnUn
Solar and HF Propagation Information
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Explanation of Solar Dials click on image.

Estimated Kp index
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Aurora Activity.  For more info click on image above.
Solar view in H-Alpha typical amateur astronomer scope.

Sun in Ca-K Spectrum.  Click on image above for latest SOHO solar pix in 8 bands.

NASA sunspot observation.  Click on image for more info.

Near-Real-Time MUF Map.  Click on map image above to learn how to use this map.