WB2MIC Random Wire with Hombrew UnUn

When my 270 ft center fed Zepp for mostly 160m came down it was time to try something else.  So I put up a 206 ft random wire made with electric fence wire one end up at 70 feet in a tree.  Other end is at 8 feet.  I then laid down twelve 200 foot radials.  Original feedline was linear right into the back of the tuner.  Worked well but had too much noise pickup and affected the HDTV gear.  Solution below.

View of the ground radials.  12 of them off the ground rod about 8 feet below the feed point and static grounding switch.  Each radial is 200 feet long.  


Yeah.  It's big!  But it was all I had in the junk box.  An 18-inch piece of 4-inch drain pipe.  KA1NZA gave me some scrap house wiring which I stripped and wound on the PVC.  I could fit 19 trifilar turns so that is what I used.  I then wired it up as a current UnUn.   Would it work? Time to test it.


Wrapped with vinyl electricians tape, it's all hooked up and ready to go for applying power.  Key up and, no smoke!  Thanks to my friend, Chuck, for the double braided cable TV coax cable.  Use everything!  Buy as little as possible.


Close up view.  The 206 ft random wire and UnUn takes power and easily achieves a match from 160 through 10 meters including WARC bands with my Palstar AT1500CV antenna tuner.  It works great.  The UnUn offers much reduced noise pickup from the house and no longer does the radiated signal bother the home entertainment appliances.  It's BIG.  It's cheap, and it works!


All secure and ready to go for the 2010/2011 fall/winter 160 meter season.  
See you on 1.811 MHz.  73, WB2MIC Jozef